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In our home we strive to live a simpler life: cooking from scratch, homeschooling our children, nurturing creativity, growing our food and marveling in the creation of our great God. I hope I can encourage you to live simply with intentionality!

I’m a wife & mom of four boys seeking to honor and glorify God in all that I do. My desire is to steward the precious blessings the Lord has given us well and make the most of the days He has given me.

Why Efficiently Ever After?

I am an engineer who left the corporate world to stay home and educate our children. I love finding ways to improve and optimize anything and everything. Efficiency is not about getting more done. It’s about finding ways to be more effective and wise with your time, energy & resources.

What can you expect to find here?

From scratch recipes using real ingredients to nourish your family
Projects and inspiration to live simply and sustainably
tips and Tools to help calm the overwhelm of managing a home and raising a family
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